MOC-35381 USS Daedalus by Naboo (Preorder two)



Designer: Naboo


Ship Details:

Attention, this product is a pre-order. When the first batch is out of stock, the set will be produced.
When the stock drops to 0 you will get a payment invitation.

No longer available for pre-ordering

No longer available for pre-ordering

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The Daedalus is the iconic spaceship from the famous TV-Show Stargate Atlantis. Its the first of six shipes her class and the lifeline of the Tau'ri-Colony Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy.
Shes a very strong ship, armed with railguns and nuclear rockets. But her strongest weapon is her Asgard transporter, which is used to beam nuclear bombs on enemy ships.

This display-model has a lenght around 80 cm and contains over 9000 parts in a lot of unusual building techniques to be really detailed. It has 32 little railgun turrents and 10 space engines on the stern. Its possible to carry 12 F-302-fighters in the two hangar bays on the right and the left side. Eight big shock absorbers are montated on the hangar bays and on the head you can see some little windows. On the big, detailed turtle armor sits the little commando bridge.


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