The Wandering Earth CN171-11 Onebot


  • 2800 pieces
  • 54/21/28 cm Set Size
  • unique Parts
  • 3,5 kg

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This loader of Captain Wang Lei, because it belongs to the CN171-11 rescue team, was named the CN171-11 troop carrier.

Everyone who has seen the movie knows that the main line of the story is around this rescue team called CN171-11 At the time, I could only understand that the CN at the beginning of the number represented China, but the following numbers did not know whether there was a different meaning. 

Many people say that because the numbers 7 and 11 are the lucky numbers of the director , the great god saying posted by them is more acceptable to everyone.

      Someone in the post said that in fact, 17 represents the time point, and 17 o'clock is 5 pm. At the same time, 11 is more like the Roman numeral 2 when viewed in Roman numerals, so 171-11 actually represents the 512 Wenchuan earthquake The scenes of earthquakes also frequently appear in the previous film. Such an association is quite convincing.

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